What is a Facebook Business URL?
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Get a mobile ready website that looks amazing on all devices. As customers screen sizes shift and change, it’s important that your website does too and as customers search preferences move from desktop to mobile we make sure that your website is usable on every device to accommodate this cultural shift.

  • 65% of customers visit a store after searching on their smartphone.
  • 53% of all mobile searches are conducted in hopes of finding local business.
  • 61% of mobile searches result in a phone call.
  • Google prefers displaying local business in search results.
  • 1 of 3 consumers search on their smartphone before visiting a store.

* Websites must be mobile friendly, otherwise you will lose Google search engine rankings.

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When you update your Facebook page we update your website... automatically.

Build your website in one click. Try it free now.

Preview your site instantly. Start by entering your Facebook Busienss page URL.

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What is a Facebook URL?

Publish photos and content to Facebook and you're done. We update your website for you. So simple, you wont even believe it's possible... just like it should be.


All you need is a Facebook business page.
If you have this, then you already have a website (and you can consider yourself we website developer). In order to create your website you need to:

  1. Add photo’s
  2. Add your business info
    (hours, location, contact number and description)
  3. Add Video’s
    (optional but concermer engagement goes up when you do)
  4. Add status updates each week
    (just post to your Facebook timeline, we do the rest)


We pull all the data that you have added to your Facebook Business Page and we build you a website with it.

  • Business info,
  • Contact info & Address
  • Photos & Videos
  • Special Offers
  • Business Keywords
  • And we automaticlly add Google Analytics

Now whenever you post to Facebook, we pull it onto your website in a matter of minutes.


Every website comes with a customer admin panel that will provide you with insites that track your data - Number of Visits and what devices your customer is using, number of phone calls from customers from your Mobile website, form submissions, deal clicks, map clicks and more. The admin will also give you the flexibility to customize your website, upload your logo, change colors, pick theme options, turn on/off posts pulled from Facebook, add pages, and a lot more.

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Build a website with one click.
Manage your website with one click.

Fast and Flexible.
Start with one website design,
Change it anytime with one click.

Theme Options

Flip through themes from your admin panel any time.







Chocolate Pineapple(Add a video backdrop)


Custom Websites

Don't see a solution that fits your needs? No problem! We'll build you a custom website from over 100 samples and keep the costs down. Contact us to find out how.

Website Features

  Month   Year   Local SEO + Website
Price $39.99   $399   $199/Month
Facebook Website Builder    
Customer URL    
Auto Google Analytic Tracking    
Mobile Ready Site    
SMB Conversion Templates    
Multiple Theme Choices    
On Page SEO    
Automated SEO Tools    
Add Custom Pages    
Add PDF’s / Menu’s    
Customer Admin Panel    
Videos Pull from Facebook    
Photo Gallery    
Map & Address    
Yelp Customer Reviews    
Add Logo    
Customize Color’s    
Connect Social Media Accounts    
No Ads    
1st Page of Google in 4 Months*        
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"Pineapple House Interior Design makes homes beautiful - LocalHitz has made my website beautiful and they did it all in one click to get set up. Every time I post our newest work to Facebook my websites stays up-to-date. I love it."

Pineapple House Interior Design

"LocalHitz has found the solution that has made our lives easier. They have taken website design to a whole new level. How much easier and faster can you get... just posting to Facebook builds my website for me. I have become amazed at what LocalHitz has done with technology." www.longbeachautodetail.com

Long Beach Auto Detail

"LocalHitz is so simple that I can't believe it's even possible. It makes our lives easier to only focus posting content to Facebook and let the website build itself. This is next level technology powering our website - it saves us time and money not needing to ask any web developer to do anything any more. Just posting to Facebook does the trick." www.orangecountyclassiccars.com

Orange County Classic Cars